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Rail Bond Hardware

Rail Bonds

Dubuis has provided solutions for the reliability of connections, so that the regularity of traffic on all rail networks equipped with this concept is considerably improved. During rail bond setting, no impacts on the rail nor on the rail bond are given. Installation is possible  without interrupting traffic, using the different types of rail bonds setting tools. The electrical function is guaranteed by a  tin-plated copper bush, which  malleability and conductivity permit an optimum electrical connection between lug and rail.


  • Rail Bonds offer a blind access, enabling the operator to perform all operations (drilling, setting, locking) on the same side of the rail. High and permanent mechanical stresses onto electrical contact areas allow setting up of rail bond whatever the climatic conditions.
  • The traction effort during the setting leads to radial expanding of the ring and then perfect contact between dowel/bush and rail. This contact remains permanent thanks to wedging of tapers and contributes in this way to the connection reliability over time. As parts are pre-assembled in factory, it is impossible to transpose or omit them during setting, and so secures the correct setting.
  • Easy installation, and thus easily automatable, allows equipment in workshop of point crossing type glued insulated block joints, expansion joints, and switches.
  • Fixing function of rail bond: threaded dowel and nut are entirely in stainless-steel, with an anti-seizing protection on the nut. It remains possible to disassemble the connection over time.


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