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Hydraulic Setting Tools for Rail Bonds

PH1iN / PH2iN / PH3iN / PH4iN / PH6iN

Rail bonds are set up using a hydraulic tool, which has a pre-calibrated pressure force. This hydraulic tool is required for setting rail bonds and used to fit the rail bond into the rail by expanding its bushing. 
  1. The pulling unit and the hydraulic tool are identified by a same color code according to the force to be produced.
  2. The pulling unit is screwed onto the rail bond and is set into the hole of the rail.
  3. Nose of the hydraulic setting tool is placed over the knurled part of the pulling unit.
  4. The hydraulic setting tool is pushed to the rail and the pumping handle is actuated until the automatic release
  • Automatic release with an audible “click” when the pressure force is reached
  • Visual mark of stroke moving
  • Automatic piston return by pressing the release trigger
  • Removable handle, allows for greater flexibility in setting of rail bonds evenly in tight clearances (junction crossing)
  • Removable bushing enables the user to dismount the rail bond if damaged by an external aggression 

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