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Profile Grinder PG60


Introducing the all new STANLEY PG60 Battery Profile Grinder, a powerful cordless profile grinder that runs on the DEWALT® FLEXVOLT® 60V Battery System. This grinder provides an unparalleled user experience with ergonomic functionality, improved balance, and an integrated toolless shaft lock for quick grindstone replacement. STANLEY battery-powered railway tools provide an advanced cordless technology to replace hydraulic and gas rail drills, offering greater efficiency and convenience. Our targeted marketing and organic channels aim to create awareness and generate leads within the railway industry, helping railroads transition to a more sustainable and efficient future by adopting this innovative technology.

  • Powered by rechargeable batteries that are readily available at major retail stores
  • Designed with ergonomic functionality for enhanced user experience. It features a one-handed handle position adjustment clamp, a shaft lock for easy grindstone replacement, and weight balance for easier transportation
  • Enhanced frame design ensures that there is no interference with rail aligners. Moreover, the stone guards are removable, allowing for quick switching between 4" and 6" guards and grindstones
  • Battery-powered operation eliminates the hazard of tripping over hoses during use
  • Optimal grinding experience with an average continuous run time of 8 minutes per battery charge