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Hydrant Saver

Hydrant Saver System for Fire Hydrant Maintenance

The Hydrant Saver can be powered by the IW24 Impact Wrench to safely remove fire hydrant valve seats - even those that have seized due to lack of periodic maintenance. The Hydrant Saver allows servicing of hydrants obstructed by walls, fences, buildings, etc. that previously had to be replaced.

Two complete kits available: Northern Kit with 8 ft. power tube and the Southern Kit with a 6-1/2 ft. power tube. Both kits include a 1-1/2 ft. extension, alignment wrench, retaining pins, and a Mueller 5-1/4 in. socket. A complete selection of sockets is available from Stanley Hydraulic Tools to fit the most commonly found hydrants.

Next time a fire hydrant is siezed, don't replace it - SAVE IT! With the Stanley Hydrant Saver!

  • Safely and easily remove seized hydrant seats in minutes
  • No need for excavation and avoid replacing hydrant
  • Pays for itself after first use
ModelPart #Description
IW24IW24160High Torque Impact Wrench
Hydrant Saver31043Hydrant Saver, Northern Kit, 8 ft power tube, 1-1/2 ft extention, seat alignment starter wrench, Mueller 5-1/4 in. Socket, plus pins
Hydrant Saver31044Hydrant Saver, Southern Kit, 6-1/2 ft power tube, 1-1/2 ft extention, seat alignment starter wrench, Mueller 5-1/4 in. Socket, plus pins
Hydrant Saver Sockets and AccessoriesPart #Description
Extensions and Tubes30716Power Tube, 8ft.
30717Power Tube, 6-1/2 ft.
30718Extention, 1-1/2 ft for Power Tube
30719Extention, 3 ft for Power Tube
30720Extention, 4 ft for Power Tube
30721Wrench, seat alignment starter
Hydrant Sockets30722Socket, 4-1/4 in. Mueller, M&H, Smith, Columbia
30723Socket, 5-1/4 in. Mueller, M&H, Smith, Columbia
30724Socket, 5-1/4 in. Waterous
30725Socket, 4-1/4 in. Waterous
30726Socket, 5-1/4 in.Kennedy
30727Socket, 4-1/4 in. Kennedy
30728Socket, 5-1/4 in. Clow
30729Socket, 4-1/4 in. Clow
31045Pin for 5-1/4 in. Sockets
73342Socket, 4-1/4 in. East Jordan
73343Socket, 5-1/4 in. East Jordan
73367Socket, 4-1/4 in. American Darling
73435Socket, 7 in. American Foundry