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Crimping Tools

CT06 / CT10 / CT15

Crimping connectors with the Stanley Hydraulic Tools CT Series crimpers is quick and easy. They are 5-10 times faster than hand-pumped tools and more than twice as fast as high pressure double acting crimpers. The CT Crimpers require no booster or intensifier which means they can be operated directly from the hydraulic circuits already installed on line trucks, dedicated power units, or from one of the STANLEY portable Power Units. Swivel Design on all models provides 360° continuous rotation of the die head for easy alignment to give higher quality crimps.

1650 Models allow the use of the CT on almost any hydraulic system of at least 1,650 psi (114 bar). An accurate, built in relief valve ensures that at these system pressures and higher, a full die load is achieved preventing over-crimping.


The CT06 is a 4-point dieless crimping tool with a capacity of up to 750 MCM aluminum cable or 500 MCM copper cable.


The CT10 has a 1” or 1.5” C-type head, depending on model. It accepts industry-standard “U” style dies, and has a capacity of up to 750 MCM copper cable, depending on model

CT10 Kearny

CT10 Universal head crimper has a C-type head that uses die holders which allow the tool to accommodate either standard “U” style dies, Kearney dies, or T&B tooling


CT10 STANLEY® with its unique C-type opening of 11/2 inches permits the operator to crimp material up to 750 MCM aluminum or copper cable. The larger opening can eliminate the need for larger, more expensive 15 ton tools when crimping large connectors that don’t require 15 tons of die load. The CT10 STANLEY® accepts standard U-type dies.

CT15 Universal

CT15 Universal head model uses die holders that allow the tool to accommodate either P type dies or U type dies with appropriate adapter

ModelPart #Description
CT04CT04016NCrimping Tool, OC/CC, SE4-Style Head, 1650 PSI
CT06CT06026NCrimping Tool, OC/CC, 4-Point Dieless Head, 1650 PSI.
CT10CT10016NCrimping Tool, OC/CC, 1” C-Style head, 1650 PSI
CT10056NCrimping Tool, OC/CC, Kearney-Style PH2 Head, 1650 PSI
CT10056DHCrimping Tool, OC/CC, Kearney-Style WH3 Head, 1650 PSI
CT10066ANCrimping Tool, OC/CC, 1.5” C-Style head, 1650 PSI
CT15CT15036GNCrimping Tool, OC/CC, 2” C-Style head, 1650 PSI
ModelPart #Description
CT06 / CT10 / CT1528179Swivel Kit - Non Current Models
24787Die Adaptor, Y35 Kearney