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Stanley LaBounty Hydraulic Tools Introduces MDP27R, MDP 35R and MDP50R Mobile Demolition Processor


New Stanley LaBounty Hydraulic Tools MDP27R, MDP 35R and MDP50R  Mobile Demolition Processor.

Two Harbors, Minn. (April, 2013) - Stanley Hydraulic Tools announces the release of the new Stanley LaBounty MDP27R, MDP35R, and MDP50R Mobile Demolition Processors completing the range for demolition tools compatible with 18-70 ton carriers, with an increased appetite for large raised concrete structures.

The MDP products are all designed based on the time tested and proven LaBounty shear line, and are ideal for primary and secondary demolition concrete operations.  The new MDP27R, MDP35R, and MDP50 incorporate the standard MDP features including:  unmatched power-to-weight, apexed jaw blades, reversed cylinder, interchangeable concrete cracking (CC) jaw and pulverizer (CP) jaw, patented quick change pivot, a 360-degree powered rotation, and Swift Lock teeth.    

The MDP27R size has an operating weight of 6,300 lbs and has been added to work on the commonly used 25-36 ton (55,000-80,000lb) carriers. With a high power to weight ratio and a jaw opening of 32”, it is able to process most any concrete that fits in its mouth.

LaBounty expanded the MDP product line to larger sizes by introducing the MDP35 and MDP50 addressing carriers up to 140,000 lbs.

The MDP35R weighs in at 8,250 lbs and is compatible with 70,000 - 110,000 lb. machines.

The MDP50R is the largest of these demolition processing tools weighing 12,300 lbs with a cracking jaw for compatibility with the 100,000 -140,000lb machines.   With a monstrous jaw opening of 49.5” and a speed valve option is available for increased cycle times and faster concrete processing for both the MDP35 and MDP50 models..             

Features and Benefits

·        Unmatched power-to-weight enables ease of processing harder concrete with smaller excavators

·        Apexed jaw blades for material gathering and maximum cutting capabilities

·        Interchangeable concrete cracking (CC) jaw and pulverizer (CP) jaw for versatility

·        360-degree powered rotation for maneuverability and ease of use

·        Patented “Quick Change Pivot” for quicker jaw change

·        Swift lock teeth makes maintenance quick and easy

·        Longer reach and working range for less excavator movement and more time processing