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STANLEY Infrastructure Launches Weather-Resistant Cordless T&D Crimping Tools

STANLEY Infrastructure Cordless T&D

Milwaukie, OR, October 2017STANLEY Infrastructure has launched a new Cordless T&D tool line that focuses on making crimping work safer, less strenuous, and more efficient, thanks to revolutionary features such as a weather-resistant body, illuminated work area, and ergonomic handle.

The Cordless T&D line consists of both 6 and 12 ton crimping force tools with application-specific handle and head styles. Developed using extensive user input, these tools were designed to help operators complete the tough tasks they face every day on the job.

This revolutionary tool line is packed full of features and benefits:

  • Weather-resistant tool body – an industry first! Air-permeable membrane allows airflow while protecting critical areas from moisture and dust/dirt ingress. This allows users to complete the job in any conditions.
  • Malfunction-resistant electronic components.  All electronic components are protected and sealed with multiple coats of a specialty finish to minimize the chance of malfunctions.
  • InteLED illumination and feedback system. Bright LED light ring at the front of the tool illuminates work area and eliminates shadows.  The colored lights also serve to provide feedback about crimp success/quality and offer maintenance alerts.
  • True 45,000 cycle wear rating. Hydraulic assemblies tested to at least 45,000 cycles. Offers dependable service for years to come.
  • Superior handle design. Tools balance in user’s hand, effectively limiting wrist and arm fatigue.
  • Part of the DeWALT 20V MAX battery family. STANLEY Infrastructure Cordless T&D tools are part of the premium DeWALT 20V MAX system. Batteries from STANLEY Infrastructure crimping and cutting tools are compatible with the full family of 20V DeWALT tools, offering a one-stop solution to complete almost every task on the worksite.

Contact STANLEY Infrastructure for information about Cordless T&D crimping tool pricing and market availability. The first shipment of this revolutionary new tool is set for a January 2, 2018.

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About STANLEY Infrastructure

A division of Stanley Black & Decker, STANLEY Infrastructure is the world’s leading handheld hydraulic tool manufacturer and a worldwide market leader, offering over 150 handheld hydraulic tools and over 30 mounted impact tools.

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