LaBounty Catalog 11 The Concrete Pulverizers (CP) design efficiency uses existing excavator hydraulics for maximum crushing power with minimal investment. Providing controlled demolition and recycling of concrete bridge decks, walls, floor slabs,foundations, silos, culverts, pillars, encased beams, pre-cast structures, and railings. • CPs feature custom lever arms to provide maximum crushing power. • CPs use existing excavator hydraulics – no additional circuits are required. A movable front jaw, actuated by the excavator’s bucket cylinder, closes into the stationary back jaw. The back jaw is pinned in place with a position arm which is pinned to a mounting pad welded on the lower surface of the excavator’s stick. • 100% welds around heavy torque tubes to minimize torsional stresses. • Swift Lock Pin on replaceable tooth system are standard on all CP models. MINIMAL INVESTMENT & MAXIMUM CRUSHING Model Weight Jaw Opening* Jaw Depth Min Excavator Weight - 3 rd Member lbs kg in mm in mm lbs m Tons CP 40 2,900 1,300 30 760 25 640 35,000 16 CP 60 3,000 1,400 36 910 27 690 46,000 21 CP 80 4,500 2,000 42 1,070 29 740 64,000 29 CP 100 6,200 2,800 48 1,220 35 890 88,000 40 CP 120 10,000 4,500 54 1,370 40 1,020 110,000 50 * Jaw openings vary based on excavator specific geometry. LaBounty reserves the right to improve, update, or change the product specifications, appearance, or functional attributes without notice. CP SERIES CONCRETE PULVERIZERS Patented “Swift Lock Teeth“ are field replaceable to significantly reduce downtime Narrow Spacing for maximum processing and rebar handling Optimized Structure provide maximum crushing power Heavy-Duty Torque Tubes for increased strength Heavy-Duty Pivot Group for lower maintenance and extended service life Custom Lever Arm for maximum crushing power