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Weld Shears


Stanley’s powerful yet light-weight Weld Shear is the ideal tool for shearing Thermite welds with a force of over 20,000 lbs (89,000 Nm). The WS10’s efficient design allows welds to be sheared prior to dismantling the weld mold, decreasing the time to set up and increasing productivity. Powered by the truck’s PTO hydraulic system or available in a self contained handle pump version. The self contained model has an inline pump handle that eliminates rocking of the shear on the rail during the shearing operation. 

  • Powerful and Lightweight - 20,000 lbs / 89,000 Nm force and weighing only 90 lbs / 41 kg
  • Fully assembled unit is placed onto the rail quickly, increasing productivity
  • Self-locking hold-downs maintain blade alignment for higher quality finished welds
  • In-line pump handle eliminates rocking of the shear on the rail during operation (hand pump models only)
  • Placement of controls away from shear blades for safety
  • Integrated pressure compensated flow control limits blade travel of blades
  • Efficient design, dismantling of weld molds not required
  • Several different shear blades are available to accommodate a wide range of rail sizes
  • Replaceable rollers for increased serviceability
ModelDescriptionPower sourceBlade Set
WS1022001ALightweight Weld Shear Hand Pump “No Blades”, CEIntergrated Hand PumpNone
WS102200ALightweight Weld Shear Hand Pump, Blade Set “A”(132 lb Rail), CEIntergrated Hand Pump"A"
WS10220AALightweight Weld Shear, Blade Set "B" (75 lb -119 lb Rail)Intergrated Hand Pump"B"
WS10321ALightweight Weld Shear, Blade Set “A”(132 LB Rail )External Power Source"A"
WS10321ABLightweight Weld Shear, Aero Quip Couplers, Blade Set “A”(132 LB Rail - 27948)External Power Source"A"
WS1032101ALightweight Weld Shear, “No Blades”, CEExternal Power SourceNone
27948Shear Blade "A" Set for rail sizes 122 lb - 142 lb Rail
27989Shear Blade "B" Set for rail sizes 75 lb -119 lb Rail