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Universal Processors (UPX)

UPX 250 | UPX 450 | UPX 950 | UPX 1800 | UPX 2800

We know having the right tool for every application is critical to your profitability. That’s why LaBounty invented the Universal Processor. Our next generation of processors features the industry’s best power-to-weight ratio for uncompromising power, control, and versatility. Whatever the job you need to tackle, LaBounty has the right tool, with Universal Processors ranging from 6,300 to 45,000 pounds.

The LaBounty UPX has a streamlined design, with increased stress flow, to directly compliment the increased power of newer, high-performance excavators. It delivers high productivity to help contractors complete large infrastructure projects in less time. All models are available with a shear jaw, and most models are available with concrete cracking and/or concrete pulverizer jaw. See the Specifications table below for specific jaw options by model. 


  • Hydraulic Cylinder and Swivel Seal technology increase maintenance intervals by 2X
  • 360° Rotation with High Strength Fasteners and a piloted turnable bearing for extreme durability
  • Speed Valve for fast cycle times
  • Slotted Jaws enables jaw change in less than 15 minutes
  • Optimized Design complements high performance excavators making this the tool of choice for high–reach applications
  • Slotted Pivot enables jaw change in less than 15 minutes
  • Integral Cylinder Shrouds to increase rod protection
ModelJawWeight (lbs)Jaw Opening (in)Jaw Depth (in)Reach (ft)Min Excavator Weight - 3rd Member
UPX 250Shear (SH) 6,300 21197.855000
Concrete Pulverizer (CP) 6,800 29237.855000
Concrete Cracking (CC) 6,300 36258.355000
UPX 450Shear (SH)10,550263110.199000
Concrete Pulverizer (CP)10,50034249.899000
Concrete Cracking (CC)10,300423110.199000
UPX 950Shear (SH)19,000444113.5187000
Concrete Pulverizer (CP)20,500634113.3187000
Concrete Cracking (CC)20,500765013.4187000
UPX 1800Shear (SH)33,600484615.5CONSULT FACTORY
Concrete Cracking (CC)35,500735015.5CONSULT FACTORY
UPX 2800 (High Reach)Shear (SH)****45,000515219.5CONSULT FACTORY