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Rivnut Setting Tool


The Dubuis ES51 Setting Tool is ideal for the setting of crimping nuts from M6 to M16 (aluminium, steel or stainless steel, with flat head or countersunk head) for assembling and fixing of sheets.

This hydraulic tool is used with a draw stud, a counter nut and an anvil nose. The aluminium ring enables the stroke control (1 rotation = 1,5 mm) according thickness of the plate and the type of crimping nuts. Once crimping is carried out, unscrew the nut by knurled button, located at the end of the fixed handle.

  • Automatic release with an audible "click" when the pressure force of 50 kN is reached
  • Trigger release piston return function
  • Light weight at under 6 lbs.
ModelPart #WeightLengthWidth
ES5130944V5.8 lbs. / 2.66 kg380 mm135 mm
Part #Description
30172VMetal carrying case CI50 + ES51 + PO50
30936Control gauge for ES51 + carrying case
30809Nose set M6 for ES51
30810Nose set M8 for ES51
30811Nose set M10 for ES51
30812Nose set M12 for ES51
30813Nose set M14 for ES51
30829Nose set M16 for ES51
30174Draw stud ES51 / M6
30154Draw stud ES51 / M8
30153Draw stud ES51 / M10
30152Draw stud ES51 / M12
30151Draw stud ES51 / M14
30215Draw stud ES51 / M16
30146Counter nut ES51
30175Anvil nose ES51 / M6
30150Anvil nose ES51 / M8
30149Anvil nose ES51 / M10
30148Anvil nose ES51 / M12
30147Anvil nose ES51 / M14
30214Anvil nose ES51 / M16