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Mobile Shear Blades

For part number, contact Horst Sprenger GmbH recycling tools

Horst Sprenger GmbH recycling tools is a leading manufacturer of mobile shear blades for scrap processing, that specializes in machining high-quality material for the recycling industry. 

  • High-performance scrap shear blades made of alloy tool steel HSSM35 
  • Finished and ready for use 
  • Hardened 
  • Ground 
  • Developed for metal scrap only 


  • The HSSM blades reach the best life time because of highest cutting strength and toughness properties 
  • Easy mounting is guarantied because of excellent tolerances


  • For almost all mobile shears per set deliverable from stock
  • Sizes from 50 x 25 x 85 to 177,8 x 88,9 x 640
  • All different types available