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Mid-Sized Mounted Breakers

Premium Breakers: MB/XP2015 - MB/XP2620 - MB/XP3025 Standard Breakers: MBX15 / MBX138/ MBX208 / MBX258 / MBX308

STANLEY is proud to introduce a new premium line of breakers, the MB/XP series, into the mid-sized range of mounted breakers.

The MB/XP series is comprised of high production breakers for the most demanding applications. With a wide range of carrier compatibility (from 12 to 80 metric tons) there is a breaker for every job, whether you’re doing commercial demolition, road building, quarry work, or production breaking.

The MBX series packs serious force and is designed to break a wide array of materials. The MBX series features a patented valve system that dramatically increases the durability and performance of the tool. Less maintenance is required over the life of the breaker because the design has only two moving parts, limiting the need for servicing.


MB/XP Features:
Auto-Lubrication to assist with important tool maintenance. The breaker-mounted, large capacity lubrication device automatically provides grease to the tool and bushings.

Mounted SDC Tracking Device helps operators and service personnel with maintenance planning, service tracking, and accumulated work history.

Heavy Duty Housings and Wear Plates for extreme durability in the harshest of applications.

Fixed Impact Energy Valve allows for use on a wider range of carriers.

Vibration Dampening Tie-Rods to maximize uptime.

Membrane Type Accumulator eliminates time consuming recharging.

Idle Blow Protector prevents blank firing.

Underwater Capable on specific models to increase versatility.

Hydraulic Overflow Protector for added durability.

Model UnitsMB/XP2015MB/XP2620MB/XP3025MBX15MBX138MBX208MBX258MBX308
Weight lbs24003100390012002270308037404275
Impact energy ft-lbs 25003500500015002000300040005000
Imapct Rate (BPM)540-920430-790450-750400-800450-630400-530350-600400-490
Tool diameter in4.
Min Excavator weight lbs2600035000460001400019800260003520039600
Chisel 769967809578657
Long Chisel 78660
Moil Point 769977809678658
Long Moil Point 78661
Long Blunt78663
Super Blunt78666
Pyramid 769997809878662
Hard Rock Chisel 78664
Limestone Chisel 78665
Moil Point7162771634716487165971669
Conical Point 7162371630716447165571666
Cross Cut Chisel 7162471631716457165671667
Line Cut Chisel 7162571632716467165771668
Blunt Point 7162671633716477165871669