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Couplers / Hydraulic Hoses

Models: N/A

Stanley couplers and hydraulic hoses are made to last and contain a quick disconnect feature. 

Part #Description
02312Quick DisconneCT Coupling, 1/2 In., Bruning
02313Quick DisconneCT Coupling, 3/8 In., Bruning
02324Cap & Plug for 02312, 1/2 In.
02874NPT Coupling, 3/8 In. Snap-Tite
03288Cap & Plug, 3/8 In. for All Flush-Face Sets
03971Flush-Face Coupling Set, 3/8 In. NPT, Bruning
03974Flush-Face Coupling Set, 1/2 In. NPT, Bruning
58718Flush-Face Coupling Set, 3/8 In., -8 SAE Male
00936Adaptor, 1/2 In. SAE To 3/8 In. Male Pipe
04192Hex Nipple, 1/2 In. Male Pipe
03044Hex Nipple, 3/8 In. Male Pipe
01652Pigtail Hose Whips, 1/2 In. Id X 12 In., 3/8 In. Male Pipe, -8 SAE O-Ring
0500510 Ft Certified Non-Conductive, Dual Oil Resistant Pigtails, 3/8 In. NPT Male Fittings w/Guard
05120Hose Guard, Clear Vinyl - Per Foot
47318Rubber Hose, Non-Conductive, 3/8 In. X 10 Ft
44931Rubber Hose, Non-Conductive, 8 Ft
58633Twinned Hose, 1/2 In. X 25 Ft, Wire Braid w/Couplers
58634Twinned Hose, 1/2 In. X 50 Ft Wire Braid w/Couplers
56797Rubber Hose Set, Non-Conductive, 10 Ft w/Couplers
58973Rubber Hose Set, Non-Conductive, 8 Ft w/Couplers
31848Dual Wire Braid Hose Assy, 50 Ft X 1/2 In. w/Couplers
31972Dual Wire Braid Hose Assy , 25 Ft X 1/2 In. w/Couplers
65897Dual Rubber Hose, Non-Conductive, 3/8 In. X 14 Ft w/Couplers
65617Dual Rubber Hose, Non-Conductive, 3/8 In. X 10 Ft, -8 Male SAE X 3/8 In. NPTF Male Fittings
71170Non-Conductive, Twin-Line Bonded, Coiled Hose, 3/8 In. NPT