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Bucket Link Shears

BLS 2000 / BLS 3000

Bucket Link Shears pin on in place of an excavator bucket, eliminating the need for additional hydraulics. The BLS is designed for cutting light to medium sized material including structural steel, pepe, rebar, tires, and concrete.


  • BLS mounts may be configured to work on several excavator makes and models
  • Uses Patented, MSD Saber Series Shear blade system, including Saber Tip and cross blade for ease of maintenance
  • Tapped cutting blades for easy removal
  • Patented replaceable pivot upper jaw / removable main pivot
  • Fully shrouded main pivot components
ModelExcavator Weight lbs (M Tons)Attachment Weight lbs (Kg)Jaw Opening in (mm)Jaw Depth in (mm)Throat (Tons)Apex (Tons)Tip (Tons)
BLS 200040,000-65,000 (18-29)3,000 (1,364)15-20 (381-508)19.5 (495)32013070
BLS 300065,000-85,000 (29-38)4,800 (2,182)17-22 (432-559)23 (584)40415286