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Briquetting Tools

For part number, contact Horst Sprenger GmbH recycling tools

Horst Sprenger GmbH recycling tools is a leading manufacturer of wear parts for scrap processing, that specializes in machining high-quality material for the recycling industry. 

Made to order - A complete list of brands available with material properties and heat treatment based on wide process experience.


for presses from Arnold (complete set available from stock)
HSB 15: Ø 140  /  Ø 150 and  HSB 18: Ø 180


  • pressure bush, inner part
  • pressure bush, outer part
  • pressure bush bracket
  • counter pressure plate
  • counter pressure plate seat
  • counter pressure plate bolt
  • half pipe
  • guiding ring
  • cutting ring
  • ram head
  • pressure ram
  • ram bolt
  • ram flange
  • ram pressure plate 


  • pressure ram
  • ram head
  • guiding bush, slotted
  • guiding bush, ring
  • wear plate