InSite™ provides actionable information to prevent downtime and increase productivity to boost your bottom-line


Process more by idling, sorting and moving less.  InSite™ can show you how.

Improve Your Bottom Line
Optimize Performance
Process More Material
Fix Problems Proactively
Extend Life of Your Shear
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Mobile & Web Based Applications
Job Tracking
Better understand how your shear is being used to improve productivity
Jobsite Mapping
Improve operational efficiency by seeing exactly where your shear is being used.
Remote Diagnostics
Live and remote diagnostic tools to minimize downtime.
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Do I have to buy a new shear to get InSite?

No. You can retrofit your shear with InSite in less than 4 hours.

What does InSite measure?

InSite measures bore and rod pressure and temperature.

How do I see all of this information?

Live and historical data can be assessed from a mobile application.

Does this change how maintenance is scheduled?

Yes. Maintenance can now be scheduled around actual shear usage – not carrier hours.

"InSite has shown us that over 50% of shears are running with improper flow or pressure which leads to slower cycle times, slower rotation and less performance. Now we can easily identify this and help our customers get the most out of their shears." - Brian Hawn, Field Service Manager
“With InSite we can now pin down an issue in a matter of minutes, where it might take my mechanics a couple of hours to diagnose an issue.” - Josh Wilkins, Brookfield Iron and Metal
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Call Your LaBounty Dealer To Get InSite on Your Shear Today

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