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The New Stanley LaBounty UPX 450 and UPX 1800 has one of the industry’s best power to weight ratio and delivers a more durable product with less maintenance

 Universal Processor UPX 450

Two Harbors, Minn. (July 25, 2016) ‐‐‐ Stanley LaBounty announces the release of the new Stanley LaBounty UPX 450 and UPX 1800.

At LaBounty, our Engineers have incorporated over 40 years of knowledge building the best Mobile Shears and Concrete Processors into the design of a state of the art demolition tool.

The New LaBounty UPX 450 and UPX 1800 are the first in a new platform of work tools based on the original LaBounty patent for “A Demolition Tool for a Hydraulic Excavator”. This innovative thinking is what created the multi‐jaw demolition tool revolution.

The LaBounty UPX Platform has the industry’s best power to weight ratio with a streamlined design for better stress flow which directly compliments the increased power of newer high performance excavators.

Overall the New UPX platform delivers a more durable product with less maintenance and more productivity than any other processor in the market today!


  • MSD Saber Cylinder Technology ‐ Based on the LaBounty patented “Retaining Ring for Hydraulic Piston” the new UPX cylinders have unmatched durability and eliminate potential failures of internal fasteners in the hydraulic system.

  • Integral Cylinder Shrouds ‐ The new stick design incorporates the cylinder shrouds into the stick structure for durable rod protection. Coupled with reversed cylinders (barrel extend) the design focuses on cylinder protection ‐ one of the most vulnerable aspects of demolition tools.

  • Fast Simple Jaw Change‐Out ‐ Innovative jaw alignment and pin retention features remove complexity and drastically decrease jaw change‐out times.

  • 25% Increase in Rotation Strength ‐ Heavy duty 360° continuous rotation system uses high strength fasteners and a piloted turnable bearing in both the bracket and the stick deliver added durability for the rigors of demolition work.

  • Improved Seal Technology ‐ Hydraulic cylinder and swivel seal technology has doubled maintenance interval requirement over older seal designs, routinely lasting in excess of 4,000 hours.

  • Designed for Easy Maintenance ‐ When service is required, the UPX line delivers with easier, more direct access to hydraulic components, more removable covers for easy access to and the swivel can now be serviced without disassembly of the rotation system.