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Zero Gravity Web Grinder

ZGG81 / ZGG81-N

Zero Gravity Web Grinder is a self-supported tool for all thermite and flashbutt grinding.

  • Self-supported tool weight during operations, decreasing operator effort and improving ease of use.
  • Body centered upright grinding position provides improved line of sight.
  • High performance hydraulic motor which provides industry leading grinding speed and power.
  • Adjustable auxiliary handle improves ergonomics and control.
  • 360° rotation of the motor allows the user to grind both sides of the rail without repositioning the tool.
  • Standard interlock trigger for improved ease of use.
  • Easy single point clamp operation.
  • Adjustable clamp ensures the secure fit on multiple rail sizes.
  • Selectable head configurations give the operator the ability to lock out the gimbal head for flash butt polishing.
  • Gimbal head allows the operator to get under the ball and base of the rail giving the operator improved grinding range.
ZGG81"Zero Gravity Web Grinder 1"" x 8"" Stone"Counter Clockwise48 lbs32.5 in.11 in.
ZGG81-N"Zero Gravity Web Grinder 1"" x 8"" Stone Aeroquip Couplers"Counter Clockwise48 lbs32.5 in.11 in.
ZZG8128598Grinding Wheel - Norton Norzon IV (8 inch dia. X 1 inch wide x 5/8 arbor)