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TW Trash Waste Grapple

TW 30 / TW 40 / TW 50 / TW 70 / TW 100 / TW 170

TW Grapples are designed for versatility with a 4-tine upper jaw and 5-tine lower jaw.   
6 TW Grapple models are available for carriers from 25,000-180,000 lb (11,340-81,648 kg). They have proven themselves as a preferred method for handling waste, refuse, and large volumes of loose materials.  Not only do they handle large volumes but have excellent gripping force, capable of densifying waste and dexterity, allowing the operator to separate out unlike materials.  

  • Pin on in place of an excavator bucket, eliminating the need for additional hydraulics
  • Box tine design and the use of high tensile, high alloy, abrasion resistant steel creates a lightweight, maximum strength tool
  • Pivot Group features hardened pin and heat treated bronze bearings and utilizes a spool assembly to reduce bearing friction and distribute workloads to the grapple structure, reducing pin stress and excessive wear
ModelGrapple Opening (in)Fully Closed (in)Upper Jaw Width (in)Lower Jaw Width (in)Weight (lbs)Excavator Weight (lbs)
TW 30888.532.5421,70025,000-35,000
TW 4095114254.33,10035,000-46,000
TW 5011311.54254.53,50046,000-64,000
TW 7011611.54659.55,15064,000-88,000
TW 100142155064.57,20088,000-111,000
TW 1701501665849,500111,000-180,000
ModelGrapple Opening (mm)Fully Closed (mm)Upper Jaw Width (mm)Lower Jaw Width (mm)Weight (kg)Excavator Weight (kg)
TW 302,2302208301,07077011,000-16,000
TW 402,4002801,0701,3801,40016,000-21,000
TW 502,8702901,0701,3801,59021,000-29,000
TW 702,9502901,1701,5102,34029,000-40,000
TW 1003,6103801,2701,6403,27040,000-50,000
TW 1703,8104101,6502,1304,32050,000-82,000