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Saber Lube MSD Shears

MSD 7R / 1000R / 1500R / 2000R / 2500R / 3000R / 4000R / 4500R / 7500R / 9500R

The MSD Saber-Lube Series shears use a simple, patent pending, automated lubrication delivery system to lube specific components of the shear resulting in increased production, less wear, and less maintenance.

  • Increased usable power by 10% because of the reduction in friction
  • Longer Blade Life
  • Reduces weld build-up maintenance
  • Less jamming of materials between the blades
  • Smoother operation and reduced noise
Model Excavator Weight 2nd Member (Lbs)Excavator Weight 3rd Member (Lbs)Attachment Weight (Lbs)Jaw Opening (in)Jaw Depth (ft)Reach 2nd member (ft)
MSD 2000-SL42,00070,0009,05028298'3"
MSD 2000R-SL50,00090,00010,400282911'8"
MSD 2500-SL50,00090,00012,00032348'9"
MSD 2500R-SL70,000110,00014,800323412'6"
MSD 3000-SL70,000144,00013,50035389'10"
MSD 3000R-SL95,000160,00017,200353814'1"
MSD 4500-SL90,000160,00018,10038.54310'8"
MSD 4500R-SL110,000185,00021,20038.54314'2"
MSD 7500-SL135,000consult factory25,700434511'10"
MSD 7500R-SL160,000275,00030,200434515'7"
MSD 9500-SL175,000consult factory37,500485215'4"
MSD 9500R-SL275,000consult factory44,500485218'4"