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STANLEY Hydraulic Tools Announces the New ZGG–Zero Gravity Web Grinder

Zero Gravity Web Grinder ZGG80

Finally a tool that carries its own weight

Milwaukie, Oregon—The new Zero Gravity Web Grinder for the Railroad Maintenance Operator eliminates the 32 lb. holding force that is required for standard web grinders giving the user superior ergonomics. (NIOSH) 300% decrease in lifting force.

Position the ZGG once and the 360° rotation of the motor allows the user to be able to grind either side of the rail web without repositioning the tool.

The new high performance motor is so powerful that it eliminates the need for a user to “bear” down on the tool allowing the operator to stand more upright and exert less energy.

The new handle design of the Stanley ZGG allows the operator to stand farther back from the grinding surface thus improving the operator’s line of sight.

The new design puts the operator in a more balanced ergonomic position, eliminating the twisting action on the back and neck.

The ZGG has a new compact foldable design that offers portability, ease of use, improved storage and ergonomics while carry it close to the body to reduce carrying stress.


  • Self-supported tool weight during operations, decreasing operator effort and improving ease of use.  Body centered upright grinding position provides improved line of sight.
  • High performance hydraulic motor which provides industry leading grinding speed and power.
  • Adjustable auxiliary handle improves ergonomics and control.
  • 360° rotation of the motor allows the user to grind both sides of the rail without repositioning the tool.
  • Standard interlock trigger for improved ease of use.
  • Easy single point clamp operation.
  • Adjustable clamp ensures the secure fit on multiple rail sizes.
  • Selectable head configurations give the operator the ability to lock out the gimbal head for flash butt polishing.
  • Gimbal head allows the operator to get under the ball and base of the rail giving the operator improved grinding range.

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